Want to learn Gidha? Here are 5 beginner tips for you to read when you're just starting out!

1. Understand that Nakhra Comes First.

If anyone tells you that Gidha is about dancing, they are lying to you. Gidha is about NAKHRA and Nakhra is all about confidence. It shows that you're opinionated, have a good attitude, and you don't settle for anything but the best. When a Gidha dancer comes on stage, you feel her presence because she connects with you and that connection captivates you. You want to be that Gidha dancer.

2. Everybody clap your hands!

One of the most important things in Gidha is the Gidha Taari. You must master this skill because Gidha doesn't use any other instruments. The taari offers rhythm for you to move your feet and your body to. A Gidha dancer is most powerful when she claps loud and clear, and in sync with her teammates.

3. Your Gidha kick can be as identifiable as your smile.

As you can imagine, the Gidha kick is fundamental! Single kick and double addi can make you unbeatable in a Gidha battle. The way that a Gidha dancer moves her feet shows her skill and confidence in the dance.

4. Boliyan are the heart of Gidha.

Have you ever met a dancer who couldn't bust out a Boli on the spot at the family sangeet party? I haven't. Boliyan were used to share the stories and experiences of women and men in India. And guess what, we still have stories to share! So break out that Boli where you show that you're the BAWSE.

5. Gidha requires power and grace!

The way a Gidha dancer moves her body is powerful and she portrays these feelings through her movements. The grace and strength required to be a good dancer comes from her athleticism. So to master Gidha, learn to move with the grace of a peacock and the speed of a tiger.

Use these 5 tips to go from beginner to expert in no time! If you thought these tips were useful, spread the knowledge by sharing with your friends!

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