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Who Am I?

Welcome to Bhangra Diaries! I’m Manjot, your future dance instructor. I live in Surrey, British Columbia. I haven't always lived here though. I was born in Amritsar, India and immigrated here at the age of 5. Through my experience with dance, I feel that I know my homeland even more than if I had stayed back there in Punjab.  

So, what is Bhangra Diaries?

Bhangra Diaries is a culmination of experiences that I share because of my love for dance. The two main goals of Bhangra Diaries are to bring a smile to your face and of course teach dance. Since I have been dancing for around 16 years, I’ve learned so much from several instructors and I’ve come to figure out the best of the best strategies to teach you. I have discovered that teaching the roots of Bhangra and Gidha are essential to understanding and appreciating the art forms. Bhangra and Gidha are about more than just movement, they are about NAKHRA. I hope to help you discover your Nakhra and help you step out of your comfort zone and dance!